FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Freddie?

Freddie Prinze, Jr.
c/o BWR
9100 Wilshire Boulevard
6th Floor West Tower
Beverly Hills, California 90212,

Can you give me Freddie's personal e-mail address?
Sorry, I don't have that information.

Have you ever met Freddie?
Sadly, no. I have never had the chance to meet Freddie. But there are some lucky fans who have sent in their stories about their encounters with Freddie. Read them here.

Does Freddie have an official web site?
Unfortunately, no.

Why did you make this site?
I became a fan of Freddie's when I first saw "IKWYDLS" in 1997. Since then, I started collecting photos, videos and facts about him. I created this site to share what I've collected to the rest of the fans.

Why is this site never updated?
As you already know, there is only one person managing this site. In addition to ILoveFreddie.com, I also have other sites to maintain. I try to update as frequently as I can.

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