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Sonia's encounter with Freddie

February 15th, 2003
London, England

.". . .A guy in a black tracksuit thing came out and started jogging towards us. Everyone was silent and I held my breath as I had an inkling at the back of my mind that it was in fact, Freddie, but i still wasn't too sure until he came up close and it was! Freddie Prinze Jr was standing no more than 3 cm away from me! Everything was a blur from then on. I had a list in my mind of what to say to him. Things like, "how are you liking England?" "Do you miss Sarah?" "Can we see your tattoo?" But the words just wouldn't come out. I thrust my programme and my [green] marker pen forward (dropping the lid in the process) and he took it and signed MY programme first with MY pen! He then took the card (that i had made the night before) from my hand and started to sign that too. But then i said, "no, Freddie, i want you to have that. Please, take it" and he said, "oh, you want me to keep it?" in this really gorgeous American accent, and i said, "yeah, please. I love you so much." And he did - he put it in his pocket!

I have to admit, i thought about moving away and letting other people come forward, but i thought, no, i was here first and i want my pen back. Sorry people! But as he was moving away from left to right trying to sign everyone's programme he was just gazing at his face. And then i felt the urge to reach out and touch him. So i did. I touched his left hand with my left hand. I squeezed his fingers (while he was writing, but i just didn't think) and i was sure he squeezed mine back.. And then i cried..."

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"Well, I saw Freddie at the Summer Catch Premiere in Westwood last night (August 22, 2001)! It was great! Everyone was waiting for him to arrive! I guess it was " save the best for last " hehe :: wink wink :: But soon as the announcer said that Freddie had just arrived, everyone just started screaming! He went for his press pictures for a few minutes and went right on to the fans! Everyone just kept screaming, " Freddie, sign this please!! " or " Freddie, I love you! " He was so nice and sweet. All the other celebrities were cool, but they only signed a few autographs and just headed into the theater...but not Freddie. He took his time and signed everyone's note pads, video tapes, posters..we just had a blast! Once he was coming over I was like, " hey Fredddieeeeee!! Please come over here! " And he smiled and walked over. In my head I was like..omg...I can't believe it! And while he was signing my autograph book ( which had many other signatures of other celebs ) I took like 4 pictures of him...I mean I was so lucky cause I had one of the best spots in the place cause everyone was just crowded everywhere. I was right behind the small fence that devided us from the celebs..OMG I still can't believe it! Well..that was my Freddie experience... "


Baldwin Park, California

"On August 20th, 2001, I went to TRL hoping to catch a glimpse of Freddie. So I went, and I had my poster. It said "Freddie your my summer catch!" because of the movie coming out that Friday. So sure enough, he picked me, Melissa, from the crowd, to spend the rest of the day with him. It was so awesome and it was all because of TRL in New York! I got to go to a photo shoot and a press conference with him, and I also got the chance to see the movie Summer Catch before it even came out!. "

Melissa Lozano

"On August 20th, 2001, my best friend and I decided to go to TRL to catch a glimpse of our FAVORITE actor, the one and only, Freddie Prinze Jr. We both stood there with our posters screaming our lungs out to wait until freddie would walk over by the window and wave to all the fans. But before that, my friend got chosen to go upstairs and be his guest to the premeire of Summer Catch at Planet Hollywood. The guy wouldn't let me go with her into the studio but they did allow me to go to Planet Hollywood with her. I was with Freddie for a few minutes and got to take a picture with him he signed my magazine. We then got to watch Summer Catch 4 days before it was released! He was the most down to earth guy, and was much hotter in person!!!"


"Well, it wasn't actually me that met Freddie it was my mum. She was in L.A. at the time and she saw him in the bar. She went over and asked him for an autograph for me. He was so lovely. He even bought my mum a drink and they talked for almost a half hour before he had to go. Now, if that isn't one sweet guy I don't know who is."


"I was in hollywood and was just looking around when I saw someone who looked just like Freddie. I wasn't sure if it was really him until another girl asked for his autograph. I went up to him and asked for an autograph. I spoke to him for about 5 minutes. When I was about to leave he pointed to the camera I was holding and asked if he could take a picture with me. I was thrilled!! For the rest of the day I spoke about nothing else but him!"