August, 2001

Carson~We have a phonecall. Hello
Sarah~ Hello
Carson~ Who might this be?
Sarah~I am...Freddie Prinze's...I am just his biggest fan
Carson~ It sounds like Sarah Michelle Gellar if you ask me, am I
Sarah~ you are very correct
Carson~ Hi Sarah. To what do we owe this honor?
Sarah~ Well my best friend Bridget and I were sitting having lunch
and watching the television and it said we could call in and I was like I have to
Carson~ Well I am glad you called
Carson~ (to Freddie)Are you embarrassed.
Sarah~ Did I embarrass you?
Freddie~ Your gonna make me cry
Sarah~ I am sorry I just wanted to tell you all how great you all look
Carson~ That's fantastic. Sarah tell Freddie that we didn't set this
up you just arbitrarily called in right
Sarah~ No he seriously didn't set this up I am sitting like
waiting for the number to come up on the television so I would know where
to call, I'm like desperately calling trying to get peoples phone
numbers on MTV I think they thought it was a prank
Freddie~ she probably has it on speed dial by the way
Carson~ Sarah calls in everyday; "I vote for o-town"
Freddie~ exactly
Carson~ How long has it been since you guys have seen each other is
this like a someone just got back from Europe thing?
Sarah~ I haven't seen him in a while
Freddie~ It's been a a long time few days three days too long
Carson~ Excuse me, Sarah in California or New York or wherever you are, do u have a
question for our guest Freddie Prinze jr?
Sarah ~ umm...hmm...let me think, I have to ask a good thing. Lots of
pressure here
Freddie~ Easy
Sarah~ hmm...let's see what do you look for in a girl?
Carson~ Yeah this is good tv right here
Sarah~and am I going to get in trouble for this question later
Freddie~ She has to call TRL and her name gotta be sarah and uh...
Sarah~ Good answer
Freddie~yeah and I can't say anything else
Carson~ Your making the guy blush sarah come on
Sarah~ I am sorry you know what I wanted my five seconds to say how great I
think this movie is and I think everyone should run out and see it
Friday 'cos I think it's great even the love scenes. I particularly love
the orange thong
Carson~ The orange thong.
Freddie~ Yeah they'll see
Carson~that is reason to see it on Friday. Sarah while we have you
what was it like spending some time with freddie shooting Scooby Doo,
how was he on that?
Sarah~ How was he on scooby doo? He is amazing I think it is going
to be a big stretch for people to see him like that.
Carson~ Yeah with the blonde hair
Carson~ How was it working so many hours of the day with your best
Sarah~ Oh boy it was rough getting to spend all my down time with
him, it was the best experience I have ever had.
Carson~ Good answer
Freddie`good answer good answer.
Carson~ alright Sarah we would love to have you on the show when
you're in New York and we'll turn the tables and we'll embarass the hell out of you
Sarah~Sounds like a plan. Have fun you both and don't get into too much trouble in New York either one of you.
Freddie~ I love you baby
Sarah~ I love you. Bye

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