The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
February, 13, 2001-2020
(transcripted by: NZscooby & buttercup)

J: My first guest, one of the most popular young actors around and a good friend of the show. We asked him to come by. He came over to say hello Freddie Prinze Jr.!!!!!

[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Cheers and applause ]

J: Have a ya been?
F: I'm good!

[waves to audience]

J: I have to ask, what do you have there?
F: [holding a poster in his hand]
A buddy of mine was on your partners show, right after this; Conan, and he said hello. We had a deal together.
F: So which camera am I supposed to hold this up to?
J: Anyone you want. Just hold it up and we'll see it.
[Freddie holds the sign up that says "Watch the 'Dule Hill Show- also called the West Wing' only on NBC"]
J: Ooohh....OK
J: So hes doing a coresponding thing on Conan?
F: Well he did. He said hello to me. So I have to say hello Dule Hill and his family back in New York. *waves*
J: Is that tonight its happening?
F: Well I'm saying it!!!
J: Ooh, I see
[Freddie holds up sign again- small laughter]
J: Are you watching the Olympics?
F: I am. I watched, I watched Polo. Cause you have to be an athlete if your into Polo. You get beat up otherewise.
F cont: But ahhh, I watched the downhill sking and I watched the skating. But I don't ski anymore, so I kind of just lived through it vicariously
J: Why don't you ski anymore? Your a young man. You look like you could if you wanted to!
F: No. I used to ski, right. I was on ski Patrol when I was a kid.
J: Ski Patrol? Wasn't that a TV show?
F: *giggling* Nah, no not exactly. We ahhh. I grew up in New Mexico. We have two ski resorts. Well three, two really. Their called (......) and Sante Fe, and (.......) is kind of lame. But ahhh, I was on ski Patrol at Sante Fe, but you had to work at least three days a week. So I used to skip school once a week to be able to ski Patrol, cause I was still in High school. *he points to the crowd and then says* But don't skip school because its bad. *mild laughter*
J: So you skipped school every week and they did not get suspicious?
F: I had 52 absences in my winter semester (......). I got suspended, but thats the way it goes. We were broke, what do you want?
J: Yeah alright, alright.
F: My cousin, he's...*pauses and then looks into the camera* Chris, his names Chris alright. *like he's talking to Chris...* Don't get mad!
F : He's a sensitive guy and he kind of, you know, his brother was like the perfect brother; the perfect son, and he really wasn't. People were always telling him what to do, so he had like real issues when people told him what to do. So we skip school one day just for fun, not for work, and we went skiing. We went with this guy Kiel, and everybody has that like one friend who like the bad stuff happens to. Well this was this kid, Kiel. So we get on the ski-lift and we're going up and its got two stops. Like, halfway up the hill and up the top and we all agreed we would get off up the top and ski down this slope called Wizard. At the halfway point, I'm one chair behing Chris and Kiel, and ahead of Chris and Kiel are these guys named Stewart and Fish. His name was Mike Fish, so we called him Fish. That was his name!! So ahhh, Kiel gets off at the middle stop, but before he can get all the way off, Chris grabs his arm and is all...
*puts on funny Chris voice*: No dummy, up top.
F: *stands up and re-inacts it* And he grabs him, and the chair doesn't stop mind you, the chair keeps going up. So Kiel suddenly spins off and is now going up in the air, being held on by Chris, whos like this *pretends to hold onto an arm* And now we're like 35 feet into the air and Chris is holding him there. And Kiels like....
*Puts on high scared Kiel voice*: Don't let me go, don't let me go.
F: We're behind them screaming *yells* Don't let him go, don't let him go!!! And Chris is like....
*Chris' funny voice*: I got you, don't worry. I got you!!!
(note- the crowd and Jay are all laughing at the moment)
F: And hes holding on. Kiels like...
*Kiels voice*: Just don't let ne go, just don't let me go!
F: All of a sudden, Chris goes...
*puts on Chris' voice*: Kiel, don't tell me what to do.
F: Everybody gets dead quiet. Me and this guys (......) were in the back going *yells* Kiel, don't tell him what to do, don't tell him what to do.
F: And hes like..
*Kiels voice* I'm not, just don't let me go.
F: And Chris just goes...
*Chris' voice*: I said I got you. (Kiel starts to say something, then...) Fine!!!
F: *calmly* Kiel drops straight down 35 feet, in the powder, up to his neck. We go up the slope and all you hear is...
*Kiels voice*: You bastard! *laughter* You better come get me!
F: You you just see this little neck going *moves head side to side*. He couldn't go anywhere. We came down the hill, and he hadn't made any progess meanwhile. We're like digging him out, and chris his 10 feet down the hill going...
*Chris' voice* I told people, don't tell me what to do!
F: He's going to kill me now, by the way, for saying that. He's crazy.
F: Well I don't ski anymore, since the accident.
J: You know something. I wouldn't ge skiing with you either.
J: Lets take a break. More with Freddie right after this....


J: Welcome back. Talking with Freddie Prinze Jr. Hows your fiance Sarah Michelle Gellar? Hows that going?
F: Shes great. Its going, its going well. We're doing good. Shes working right now. She went to the doctors, shes a little sick right now. *trys to get sympathy from crowd- a few awwwwwwws*
J: Now you have a date yet? Have you picked a day? Am I putting you on the spot?
F: Yeah, we're getting mariied on October *trails off* No, nope. I'm not telling you when we're getting married.
J: Can you give me a time of the year? Look, you can't tell me b/c you don't have a date.
F: *laughs* Well she knows.
J: Ooh she knows, but you don't know?
F: Well I'll be there *crowd laughs*
J: You've done your part. You just show up.
F: I got on the knee and said "hay, will you marry me?" and the rest is one her.
J: You said "Hay, will you marry me? *starts mumbling*. So your responsibilities as a husband are over know?!
F: *yells* It wouldn't matter anyway. Girls don't listen. Once your in a relationship, if your the guy, then thats it. Whatever you say, it doesn't matter. Period. *crowd cheers* See, and they cheer, and they cheer.
J: Well how about Valentines day? have you got a whole special thing going?
F: *enphasising* It doesn't matter!!!

F: It doesn't matter, whatever I have planned... it doesn't matter, because she has it planned. And she'll ask me, "What do you think about this?" Like I don't know she already planned it right *Jay chuckles* and made reservations. And I'm like, "Oh.. that sounds great." And hey it just happens to work out, like we have reservations. In a restuarant you can't get a reservation unless you make it eight years in advance. *Chuckles again* They don't listen. No matter what. Here's like an example of a conversation of any guy, ok, but also me. And my friend in the car, on the way over here... this is an example of a guy who's been in a relationship for a while:

"Hello. Uh-huh. Mmm hmm.. uh-huh. Yeah! That happened to me t--.. oh, yeah.. uh huh. Right. Oh yeah, that reminds me th-- yeah... hel-- yeah.. Oh well, I thought she was crazy too... Uh... yeah. You know my mom sai-... yeah, uh huh... alright, yeah... I love you too baby. Bye."

F:And that's it. *Talking to Jay* And you've had that conversation too! And every guy in here. *Cheers* Don't clap. Don't clap at that. *Audience laughs* That's not good. Guys are clapping. They're going, "Ya-! *clapping*" *Freddie makes a weird face - like the-guy-realizes-it's-not-good kind of face - the face he makes is funny*

J: See.. guys know. That's the great thing about being a guy, 'cause... 'cause guys could dirve in a car together for hours and not say a word. Like you and your friend... like we're driving; we could be driving to New York; never speak; get there and go, "How was the trip?"
F: "It was good." and that's it! That's it. That's the end of the conversation. But with your lady... forget the fact that you're pullin' over every 2 hours so they could pee, right. *Laughter* It just kills your time. From LA to Vegas, it's like 3.5 - 4 hours tops. With me and my lady driving to Vegas it's like a 6.5 hour drive, 'cause there's like outlet malls along the way, right. *Laughter* But if you're like with your guys, it's like you're goin' 85 down the freeway, just listening to music *nods his head (like he's listening to music)* and that's it.

J: You ever get this one? Ok, you be driving.
F: Alright, I'm drivin'. *pretends to be driving* (He gets into this cute driving posture.. everyone drives like that, but yeah, Freddie looks cute )
J: What's the matter? *in like a girlie voice*

J: Ever get that one?
*Freddie's still laughing and just nods*
J: "What's the matter?" Nothin'.
J: Nothin'! I'm driving!
F: I'm driving. I'm lookin' at the road! I'm just driving; There's traffic... I'm gonna crash into something.
*Jay's laughing*
F:"Well, you're not smiling."
*Freddie puts on this bored look on his face then suddenly grabs the imaginary steering wheel and puts on a cheesy grin (hah.. funny )*
*Audience is crackin' up*

J: Well, I mean... Do guys have bad habbits too? I mean, is it just women?
F: Nah... Guys are cool. You know... I mean, we're a little dirty, but other than that *shrugs*. We drink outta the orange juice... I don't leave the seat up, but some men leave the seat up... I don't see the big deal. But I drink outta the orange juice thing and so that no one drinks outta 'em... but it's my orange juice. I'll buy you your orange juice and I'll buy one for me. *Laughs from the audience* You know..
J: Do you leave your underwear on the doorknob?
F: *Laughs* Nooo! I don't do the underwear on the doorknob trick.
J: Yeah. Well, wait till you're married 5 years.
F: *Laughs* Ok, I'm gettin' there... I'm workin' up.
J: Now Scooby Doo comes out when?
F: Comes out June 14th.
J: Oh, ok.. that'll be--
F: Or was it June 17th? June 14th... I don't know..
J: Well, it's only 3 days... *mumbles something*
F: It's like the wedding. I don't know... I'll be there!
F: I'll be there! Sarah knows. Ask her.
J: Will you come back for Scooby Doo?
F: Absolutely.
J: That'd be great. Freddie. Always a pleasure, man. Good to see ya.
J: "What happend? What's the matter?"

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