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LL: Lisa Ling
SJ: Star Jones
FPJ: Freddie Prinze Jr.
CF: Claire Forlani
JB: Jason Biggs
AD: Amanda Detmer
P: Parents of Jason Biggs

LL: Their two of the most sought-after lusted-after actors in Hollywood and in the new movie "Boys and Girls," Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani play long time friends who started to feel closer than they ever had before. [Clip of "Boys and Girls" Ryan and Jennifer on campus discussing types of relationships] Ummmm... Everyones fighting. Please welcome Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani.

[Audience stands and claps while Freddie and Claire make there way toward the stage.] That was exhausting. So, can I stay at your house this summer? No, no.

CF: Yeah. Only if you cook.

LL: Oh. Okay, well let me ask you something...

FPJ: Yeah. You'll were getting into some violence up there. Ha, ha, ha.

LL: Yeah. I know. I know. I have to become more calm. Were you guys popular in highschool?

FPJ: No. I was uh, I didn't, I didn't fit in to good in my school so I, so I didn't go very often, [Looks at the audience] but you should go to school, but a, but I didn't go as often as I should....

LL: Unlike your character.

FPJ: Yeah, he's kinda the exact opposite, the exact opposite.

LL: And you Claire?

CF: No, I was a troublemaker. Yeah, but I wasn't popular, I just created havoc.

LL: How can you two not be popular, you are, your the two of the most gorgeous people we've had on the set, I mean [Audience cheers] Not that looks matters or anything.

FPJ: I've a. I've been, I've been dressed and shaved and, and made up, I don't...

CF: Oh, you look alright in the morning.

FPJ: [Laughing] I don't look that alright.

LL: So Freddie. I found out that you are kinda of a practical joker, and you played kind of an evil trick on Claire. You wanna, you wanna tell us about that?

FPJ: [Covering his face] A.......

LL: She doesn't look happy.

CF: No, I forgive. I've learned to forgive.

FPJ: And I apologized for this by the way.

CF: Oh, not enough, but it' okay.

LL: See. I'm trying to excite fight here, so I'm not the one in the doghouse.

FPJ: I uh. Claire's a very sweet girl [Looks at Claire] your very nice, but but I can easily frighten her. So one night uh, we were staying in the same apartment building. She was in the 6th floor and I was in the 5th floor, and a, I was talking to her about serial killers. A, I'm not a sadistic person..

CF: No, not at all.

FPJ: I just thought it would be really funny and since I've taken it back, but a, so I'm talking to her about like, I don't remember which one but I said you know that they go after girls, she's like..

CF: Single girls

FPJ: [Cuts in] Single girls...

CF: In single apartments is what you said.

FPJ: Yes, and she's like [British accent] "Oh, stop it, your evil, I don't want to talk to you anymore," [Crowd laughing] So, so we hang up the phone and I waited like two hours and I put on like these black sweatpants and black jacket and I tied this black t-shirt so only my eyes came out of the head of the shirt, and I got this big'o butcher knife from the kitchen...

LL: You did not?

CF: Yeah, he did.

FPJ: Yeah I swear and I walked up. I walked up the steps and I'm laughing the whole I'm afraid she's gonna hear me, and I knocked on the door and it's like two in the morning and, and she's like "who is it?" [Deep voice] "It's me" and she opens the door.

[Audience laughs]

CF: I'm British, I don't know.

FPJ: So she opens the door and I jumped and I was all [Roar] (Claire gets frighten by this) like that and see, and she jumped. Yo, a she jumped like 20ft back [Laughing]

CF: My feet gave way. I collapsed on the floor.

FPJ: She found the Lord right, and she was like screaming to God, and I thought it was really funny, and I'm really sorry about that.

CF: But it gets worse too, cause I call him in the morning thinking I'm gonna get him I'm gonna get him back. And halfway through the conversation I hang up on him and I think "Ha, got you," and I hear him bounding up the stairs, bardges into the room and he says [Immitates Freddie] "I'm gonna break your threadmill. I'm gonna break your threadmill, yeah, lets go, what are you gonna pay me, what are you gonna pay me," and then he extorts money from me above everything else.

FPJ: I didn't ext...

LL: Freddie you are so evil.

FPJ: I didn't extort money.

CF: You owe me a hundred bucks. You owe me a hundred bucks.

LL: But I'll teach you some scarier tricks than hanging up the phone Claire.

CF: Thank you. Yeah right, and it's pathetic.

LL: An you, you are so lucky you got to work with two amazingly gorgeous men in the past year. Brad Pitt and Freddie Prinze Jr., and I gotta ask you, which one is the better kisser?

FPJ: Oh stop that!

[Freddie stands up embarassed and walks around the ladies while Claire and Lisa Ling and the audience just laughs]

Stop that.

LL: I have to ask. How was it? Cuz you know, it was a pretty sexy kiss.

FPJ: Gee! I wonder what that answers gonna be. Hmmmmm.

[Claire still laughing]

LL: Here's your chance to get back at him.

FPJ: Yeah. Go ahead.

CF: Oh, God! Wouldn't that be glorious.

FPJ: Go Ahead.

CF: Oh.

FPJ: Go ahead.

CF: Ummm. I I I, I umm. [Laughs] I feel very lucky I got to kiss both of them,

LL: Okay. That was, that was a good answer.

FPJ: That was a political answer.

CF: Thank you. Thank you.

LL: Well, you you, your character didn't, you you've had some problems with girls in this movie "Ryan" but, but in real life you don't really have nearly the the number of problems that Ryan did your dating Sarah Michelle Gellar

FPJ: Yeah, I'm doing okay.

[Shows a picture of the two at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards]

LL: She's a very good friend of the show we LOVE her. Is it, is it difficult to have such a public relaitionship? I mean the tabloids are following you everywhere.

FPJ: Uh, we don't, we don't, we don't get followed that much. There's certain parts in our relationship that that we want private and were very successful at keeping that private and if people take a picture, it's something you try to prepare the best you can for and, and when it happens you, you deal with it the, the best you know how. But were pretty good at keeping ourself privacy.

LL: She's, she's the first blonde you dated in a long time right, cuz I read somewhere you use to only date brunettes cause you had an experience with the devil.

FPJ: I did, this girl, see. It's like, like, no this girl was crazy you all, it's not like, she was crazy, we went on like 3 dates and I, I always kept, left my a, my, my a apartment door open because I loose stuff, and I'm really forgetful and so I come home, and all my furniture was like moved, and I thought somebody had like broke in but then, nobody breaks in and rearranges your furniture, it's like.... So I go out I'm looking around and she comes out of my bedroom and she's all [Girlie voice] "Oh hi," she does this thing called like fung sh... [Trying to remember the word]

LL: Fung Sweigh?

FPJ: Fung Swe.....

CF: Feng Sway.

FPJ: Feng Sway.

CF: Feng Sway. Yeah.

FPJ: And she said that my apartment was like "Furniturewise wouldn't work for our relationship..." or something like that.

[Audience laughs]

We went on three dates. Like.

[Audience continues to laugh]

LL: She was trying to help you though. Freddie come on.

FPJ: The. The, the relationship didn't work her way, it was like, she moved all my like, I was like "What are ya doin?"

LL: So you band blondes out.

FPJ: I. I, I had to ask her to to leave. She, she was like, she moved in. All her stuff was was in my apartment. I was like"What are ya doin?"

CF: But, but but for the audience, say brunettes aren't evil.

FPJ: No. No.

CF: Go on. Go on.

FPJ: She was the blonde.

CF: Oh, she was the blonde. Oh thank God.

LL: We, we have another blonde who's gonna be joining us in a little while we have actually both of your co-stars from "Boys and Girls", so when we come back Freddie and Claire are going to be joined by their co-stars from "Boys and Girls" Jason Biggs and Amanda Detmer. Be right back.


SJ: Welcome back. We are here with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Claire Forlani from the movie "Boys and Girls" and please welcome two of their co-stars Jason Biggs and Amanda Detmer.

[Audience cheers]

Um. Okay. Jason you know were I'm starting so just be quick.

JB: Uhhhhh. Give it to me. Come on.

SJ: Jason. Breakout role in "American Pie." How do I say this delicately.

LL: For those who haven't seen it.

SJ: Doing the nasty with the, a pie.

JB: Yes. Yes I did.

SJ: You did. Was it good for you?

JB: It was good for the pie, I'll tell you that much.

SJ: You watch your mouth. Your mother and father are sitting right here.

JB: I'm sorry. They are, there right there.

SJ: Jason's parents, welcome to The View also. You gave birth to a weirdo. Okay, what did they really think about this when they saw this?

JB: They were fine with it. They, right?

P: We both knew about it previous to seeing it.

JB: Yeah. I have warned them, and a, and they loved it. They, they...

FPJ: Dude, how do you tell your parents your...[Laughing]

JB: I know right. Mom. Dad. Listen. There's this role I'm gonna be doing, and it's gonna be funny, and uh..., I'm gonna hump a pie, but a....

[Audience laughs]

LL: Well, Amanda you were absolutely adorable in "Boys and Girls." One scene that struck me inparticular, there's one were you and Claire get a little fresh. What was that like for you?

CF: Say it. Say it.

AD: I get to tell the story. Well you know whenever I've been told to rehearse something, that actually means do it. So they were like "lets rehearse the kiss with Claire and Amanda," I was like okay. Talkie, talkie, talk hmmm...[KISS] And I went in for the close-up kiss and Claire was like "Oh my.."

CF: I thought it was brilliant, because we rehearsed in the morning, Freddie and I, and we had our kissing scene and we literally of the otherside of the room from each- other with our arms crossed going "yeah, yeah, so we kissed there, and we go there," and in the afternoon cut to Amanda just like wack on my face. It was great.

SJ: You just getting it from both ends.

CF: Yeah, it was a lucky day. A good day.

SJ: Now, Jason. You seem to be the guy who can't score a girlfriend in your movies babe. Whats up with that?

[Audience goes awwwwww.]

JB: I know. I know. It's acting.

[Audience claps]

SJ: So just in case the women of the world out there wonderin, is there someone out there thats captured that heart or that pie if you know what I mean?

LL: Oh Star.

JB: Oh Star. Come on.

SJ: You did it, I just referred to it.

JB: Yeah. That's true, twoshay. Yes, yes I do, I have myself a girlfriend.

LL: Ohhhhh.

JB: Yeah[Smiles] It's a...

SJ: Nice girl?

JB: Yes, very nice girl, and uh, parents approve, and uh, yeah. It's great, were having a lot of fun.

(Lisa Ling making jokes to Claire and Amanda)

LL:I read something actually funny about you. You were working on As The World Turns, your one of the stars of the show, and you were working at Subway at the same time...

JB: As a sandwich artist that's correct.

[Everyone laughs]

LL: But people would come into Subway and recognize you on the show..

JB: Yeah, yeah. I didn't quit my job at Subway when I started on As The World Turns so there was a few instances when I'll be making the occasional BLT or Seafood and Crab Sandwich and uh, someone would come in and be kinda weird like "Wait, I just so you at As The World Turns and now your making my sandwich," like it was a very weird dynamic. Uh, they got a kick out of it, and I quit soonafter.

LL: Gotta be traumatic.

SJ: You know. It sounds like a big party around here and Freddie and I actually met before, and I told him I was gonna bust on him for giving you(Claire) a hard time.

CF: Thank you.

SJ: We went to a Knicks game together with he and his wonderful girlfriend Sarah, (Freddie smiles) my babysister here, and you got in trouble didn't you dear?

FPJ: Why do you gotta do this on TV Star?

LL: Poor Freddie, all day today.

SJ: Freddie, let me give you a rule about, about having a girlfriend. You must check her clothes and make sure she doesn't wear her shirt on backwards.

FPJ: (Blushed) You just said. Yo, you say that and now I gotta go and she goes "You let her say that on TV," and I'm gonna be in the doghouse for like 2 weeks.

SJ: You gotta have to eat out of the dog... See, did you learn these things, I mean are they rules that you've found out...

FPJ: Now I've learned. Yes.

LL: Wait, I don't understand the story. What happened?

FPJ: She just...

SJ: She just wore her t-shirt on inside-out and it was Freddie's job to make sure...

FPJ: She looked good though, she looked, I didn't know, I don't know fashion and stuff.

JB: I've never seen a t-shirt worn backwards look SO GOOD in my life.

CF: You did that? [Looks at Freddie]

SJ: Girls, what was that?

[Amanda and Claire starts to tease Freddie]

FPJ: Jason. Come sit next to me man.

SJ: But she forgave you immediately. Have you learned some other rules.

FPJ: [Laughs] Yeah. These are the 4 rules basically. Okay, this is what you gotta do.

JB: Wait, let me get out my notebook, hold on.

FPJ: [Laughing] There's 4 phrases. I've learned these and they work in any situation. It's Your right. I'm sorry. I don't know, which is really good. And you always finish it up with I Love You.

[Audience starts screaming and cheering]

LL: I love that.

FPJ: You can use it anytime.

LL: Sarah trained him well.

SJ: See.

LL: Go Sarah.

SJ: You know. Sarah, you are my GODDESS. Wait a go. You guys are wonderful & we wish you the very best. Thanks to Freddie and Claire, Jason and Amanda. "Boys and Girls" opens today. Go see it, we will be right back. Best wishes guys.

Cast: Thank you very much.

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