Howard Stern's Radio Show
Transcripted by: *gurliangel*

Freddie: I bleached my hair for Scooby Doo and I had to I had to bleach it like every week so it was like horse hay by the end of the film so I shaved my head bald
Howard: You know who else bleaches his hair? Craig Gass over there
Robin: Bleach!? He could use some bleach
Howard: So you shaved off your hair?
FPJ: Yeah, I shaved it bald, it was kinda weird
Robin: Remember I played that clip the other day of Freddie talking about what it felt like to be bald and he said it was cold?
FPJ: It is cold
Howard: Can you imagine me bald? I picture one day I'll be in another movie and I'm gonna shave my head so noone will recognize me, like it'll be a really weird character.
Robin: Oh, so you wanna really dissapear into the character?
Howard: Yeah I wanna dissapear. I wanna dissapear from this planet because if I cut off my hair noone will notice me...a freaky looking bald guy. Well you can shave your head because you're a good looking guy, I can't shave my head.
FPJ: No, it wasn't that good looking. It was a little weird.
Howard: You don't think you're good looking but yet you were voted People Magazines 50 sexy people.
Robin: You're in the beautiful people list every year
Freddie: Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything
Howard: Yes it does!
FPJ: It does but...
Howard: Dude, I'd kill for that
Robin: They don't put ugly people in there
FPJ: If they knew you wanted to be apart of it, they just look for celebrities to throw in there
Howard: They ain't looking for me, noones buying it
Robin: There's plenty of celebrities...Paul Giamatti has not appeared in it
Howard: You wanna know something? I was on some website, it was like ugly people website, guess who's pictures on there? ME!
Robin: Not Freddie?
Howard: Noooo....Freddie's nowhere near that!
Freddie: That's too bad
Howard: I'm on Peoples ugliest people list.
I don't even know where to begin man, you've got some life going.
FPJ: Things are good man
Howard: Not only is he on 50's People List, but he's got an ex girlfriend say he has the sexiest stomach.
Robin: Really!? Lets see
Howard: No girls ever said that to me
FPJ: You don't wanna see my stomach. I haven't worked in a few months.
Howard: You will never be nude in a movie I read. You have a no-nudity clause.
Robin: What!?
FPJ: Yeah...I'm not gonna...the only person who's gonna see me naked besides my mom when I was a baby is my girl and that's it.
Howard: And in your new movie your ass...
Robin: You won't even take off your top?
FPJ: It's not my ass
Howard: It's not your ass, it's a stunt ass.
FPJ: I actually had two cuz the first guy, his friends started giving him crap after he did it and they're like "yeah you fag" and whatever and they started making fun of him.
Howard: He quit the job?
FPJ: He quit so we had to get anotherguy. And he had like a big ass right? And the other guys this little skinny dude. So when you see the movie, if you see the movie, you'll see one guys real skinny the other guys got this big ol butt.
Howard: So you're not like Julia Roberts who tried to hide the fact that she had a body double on Pretty Woman.
FPJ: Oh I didn't know that
Howard: Oh yeah, it's not her body
****At this point I ran out of tape....I didn't realize I didn't have much tape on one side so I had to flip it. I'm missing probably 3 seconds of the interview ***
Howard: What are you a religious guy or something?
FPJ: Gods cool with me but...
Robin: Whats wrong with your ass?
FPJ: There's this giant sist(sp?), a wart, it's terrible, you don't wanna see it
Howard: So, let's begin with your personal life for a're banging Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE. By the way it's Gell-ARE, did you know that?
FPJ: You've made me aware of that
Howard: Yeah, it's not Geller
FPJ: no(sarcasm)
Howard: Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE.
FPJ: Gell-ARE, yes(sarcasm)
Howard: And I haven't seen her in a while
Robin: What is trying to hide with that Gell-ARE?
Howard: No, she's a jewish girl
FPJ: By the way, the only person that says Gell-ARE is Howard
Howard: I know! She told me it's Gell-ARE
Robin: And you're the only one that went along with it.
Howard: I love it. She's a sexy broad.
FPJ: She's absolutely sexy
Howard: And don't get me wrong I'd love to bang her...
FPJ: You can't say that when I'm in the room!
Howard: Sure! Why not!? You know a lot of guys want to bang her.
FPJ: Ofcourse, but I don't wanna...
Robin: But he's engaged to her.
Howard: Are you engaged?
FPJ: Yeah
Howard: You're gonna get married?
FPJ: Yeah
Howard: When is the wedding?

FPJ: Oh come on man...
Howard: What? You won't announce that?
FPJ: no no
Robin: They don't want the helicopters
Howard: Oh oh oh, helicopters, oh excuse me
FPJ: Yeah they follow us around everywhere, it's impossible
Howard: That'd be incredible
FPJ: It's like airwolf
Howard: So she's gonna become Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE Prinze Jr.
Robin: She has to take the junior too?
Howard: Yeah!
Freddie: Yeah, it's in the deal, it's in the deal
Howard: Will she become Sarah Michelle Prinze?
Freddie: Ahh...probably, yeah
Howard: She will?
Robin: She's gonna get rid of the Gell-ARE completely?
FPJ: Well yeah, I dunno, maybe
Howard: No Gell-ARE. So, you will marry her even though you know that it won't last?
FPJ: Oh it absolutely will last
Howard: You're a good looking old are you now?
FPJ: 25
Howard: Alright, dude...
Robin: Uh oh, you better get a hold of him
Howard: I think I've gotta give you the speech
FPJ: Give me the speech
Howard: You have no idea how young you are, you think you know everything
FPJ: No I don't
Howard: Cuz I thought I knew everything!
FPJ: But I don't think that, I promise
Robin: You think you know enough to get married
Howard: You think you know how you're gonna feel at 35
FPJ: No I don't
Howard: You're gonna be a completely different dude at 35
FPJ: And she'll be a completely different woman
Robin: Yeah, and you'll probably talk to each other through lawyers
Howard: Yeah, she'll be a way different woman
FPJ: No she's awesome, I'm telling you she's awesome
Howard: I think she's a great girl, and sexy and everything else
FPJ: She's super hot
Howard: How old is she?
FPJ: 24
Howard: She ain't gonna be 24 forever, you know that? And you're gonna be Freddie Prinze Jr, you're gonna have a big film career, you're gonna go from movie to movie, you're gonna be on sets with very beautiful women.
FPJ: But she'll be a big movie star too, so once the show is over she'll be a huge movie star.
Howard: Well, yeah, but girls don't last as long as guys.
FPJ: Maybe not but...
Howard: They could be going sour in five years, 30 she could be going sour.
FPJ: She's gonna be just fine
Howard: Not every woman is Heather Locklear. What I'm saying is, that you will change, and by the way I'm not just talking about the superficial, about looks, I'm talking about is you're gonna be a different guy. You're gonna be in a whole different place at 35.
FPJ: Thanks dad
Howard: Well you do need a dad
Robin: You don't have someone to talk to you like this
Howard; I'm gonna be your dad! You were raised by your grandmother?
FPJ: Yeah
Howard: You don't have a dad
FPJ: No, you can do that
Robin: Where was his mother?
FPJ: My moms around too
Howard: She's a wild child but
FPJ: Yes, she's a wild child (sarcasm)
Robin: No way huh?
Howard: Your moms still around?
FPJ: Yeah my moms still around, they both live in LA
Howard: But your grandmothers more like your mother
FPJ: My grandmother and my mom both. My grandmothers like, my granny, she was gonna make sure that I was gonna end up ok and took me to church every weekend.
Robin: But this is on your mothers side?
FPJ: Yeah, my mothers mother, she lived with us forever
Robin: Noone knew Freddie Prinze's mother
Howard: Yeah and the fact of the matter is that he didn't know about his father until he was 8 years old and some kid at school came up to you and said you're dad was a junkie and he shot himself in the head
Robin: Oh man
Freddie: Yeah, kids are messed up
Howard; What did your grandma tell you before about your dad? Like it was a made up story...
FPJ: Everyone kinda said, they were looking out for me and said he had problems with drugs and things like that. Noone wants to tell an 8 year old kid that your father killed himself.
Howard: Right, so you learned it in school and then what I find fascinating is that when it finally came time to tell you at 8 Freddie Prinze's agent
FPJ: No his manager. My Uncle Ron Diblazio.
Howard: Not your real uncle
FPJ: No not blood uncle
Howard: So he sat down to tell you the story not your grandma
Freddie: No, they actually got me a plane ticket and flew me to California. And he walked me around his block and he told me about my old man and we stopped in front of Marilyn Monroe's house because he lived right next door to where she lived, then he sat me down, and he's the greatest most honest man I've ever known, and answered every question I had.
Howard: Oh, so it was a cool thing.
FPJ: Yeah, he didn't pull any punches. I asked him so many questions and he told me...I think I was a little older then 8, I'm always 8 years old in every story I tell...and he was like that woman that was there she died before it was her time to go too, and that was your father, but you, you're gonna be different, and you're gonna be the one and all this. And I was just a little boy and never thought about acting and never really thought about it again until I moved out there. And now every time he sees me he gets all choked up.
Howard: He does.
FPJ: He's a good guy.
Howard: And you as a result learned, because you never even touched a drug.
FPJ: No I've never done drugs in my life.
Howard: You've never smoked weed.
Howard: Never! Not curious to smoke weed?
FPJ: I never wanted to.
Howard: I'll never understand that.
FPJ: My life's nice, I don't need anything to like, to make me happy. Like you so tastefully said before, I'm banging Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Howard: It's true, why would you need anything
FPJ: My lifes fine, if I never worked again it's all good.

***Alright kids, time for another break...more to come...I think we have more marriage talk coming so stay tuned*****


Part 2

Howard: See the legend goes that you didn't have a great childhood. That kids picked on you and stuff, but I don't believe it.
FPJ: Kids didn't like me, but I didn't care, like I thought I was the coolest kid in the world.
Howard: You did? You had a good self image.
FPJ: Yeah, I'd make stuff up and I thought that I was a super hero. Kids thought it was lame but...
Howard: And chicks starting digging you at what age?
FPJ: Umm, my senior year in H.S. I beat up the right guy and drove the right car.
Howard: You did? And that's when you started getting laid?
FPJ: Yeah, senior year in highschool, 17.
Robin: What posessed you to move to L.A.?
FPJ: Uh, honestly we were broke.
Howard: Someone told me you were banging Jennifer Love Hewitt for a while.
Howard: You never got her?
FPJ: Noo
Howard: It's not true?
FPJ: No, it's not true at all
Howard: Oh, then I don't envy you that much. But you were doing some soap opera chick for 4 years.
FPJ: Yeah, I was with Kimberly for 3 and a half years.
Howard: That must be some hot broad if she's on a soap opera.
FPJ: She was beautiful, yeah, she was beautiful.
Howard: And Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE, you met on the set of that movie
FPJ: And we became super good friends
Howard: And you had to dump the other broad.
FPJ: It didn't quite work out that way.
Howard: So you've only had long term relationships?
FPJ: I've had some short ones too
Howard: You have?
FPJ: There were a couple in between Kimberly and Sarah
Howard: And you think you're done with all other chicks for the rest of your life, you think you're gonna be faithful to Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
FPJ: I don't cheat.
Howard: You don't cheat because you're 25 and have always had hot chicks, what are you gonna do in 10 years with the same chick?
Robin: And you've never been married.
Howard: And you've never been married!
FPJ: I'm all good man
Howard: You're gonna cheat!
FPJ: I'm not!
Howard: You're gonna end in divorce!
FPJ: I'm not! I appreciate the concern but I promise I'm all good.
Howard: At 25 you think you know more then me? I'm 47 years old.
FPJ: No, I'm just saying I know myself.
Howard: It's not gonna work for you.
FPJ: You have so much faith in me.
Howard: Who do you think you are? Who do you know in Hollywood that's had a successful marriage? Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward? Ok...he was married before. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn? They just shot a picture of him coming out of a brothel!
Robin: You're gonna go to hookers!?
Howard: Yeah, you're gonna go to hookers! Do you know how demeaning that is??
FPJ: I'm a terrible guy, I am
Howard: I'm gonna make a written bet with you now, in about ten years from now you're gonna hunt me down and say Howard, I owe you money.
FPJ: Ok, we'll do a written bet
Howard: Put your money where you're mouth is!
FPJ: I'll do it right now
Howard: A million dollars!
FPJ: How many years?
Robin: You're only giving him 10?
Howard: 10! 10's the over/under.
FPJ: We'll write a contract right now
Howard: See for a million I'd stay married. So you met Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE you were friends.
FPJ: Friends for 4 years.
Howard: And then you started banging her
FPJ: Yeah, it was kinda weird
Howard: She must be good in the sack to get a kid like you, I mean you got the whole world at your...
FPJ: Sarah's the best
Howard: The best? What is she doin?
FPJ: She's awesome
Howard: Who's prettier, you or Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE?
FPJ: Probably her
Robin: They probably fight over the mirror
FPJ: Yeah, every morning...get out of the way I'm trying to look at myself!
Howard: You're a good looking couple. I saw her on a date years ago. At a chinese restaurant, I was in LA doing business...
FPJ: Yeah, she told me about this, at Mr. Chows
Howard: She was on a date with the ugliest guy
FPJ: No it was a friend of hers
Howard: Oh it was?
FPJ: And he's gay
Howard: Oh he's gay?
FPJ: Yeah
Howard: He's an ugly gay guy
FPJ: He's a nice guy
Howard: I was like...I can't believe that's who she's with. See I should've known it was some gay dude. A lot of these actresses are into gay dudes.
Robin: Well, when they can't find a guy, yeah.
Howard: Now you just bought a house for like 3 million right?
FPJ: Yeah
Howard: She's moved into that already?
FPJ: No we stay at her house and that house is more for fun and parties
Robin: Oh, look at that.
Howard: Let me understand, your house is the house that you live in and her house is the party house
FPJ: No her house is the one we live in and party at my house
Howard: What kind of parties do you have?
FPJ: We just have like all our friends and family over there and we have like big full court basketball games and have like big italian dinners.
Robin: At 25 when your living like that you think you can get married.
FPJ: Yeah, I'm completely dilluted (sp?).
Howard: Yeah, you know what, you need to get married because you need to have a hassle in your life. You haven't had any adversity, that's your problem.
FPJ: I don't get adversity
Sam Kinison (impersonator, obviously): It's a fantasy life. I wouldn't even make the bet in terms of years I'd make it in pictures. I give them 5 movies.
Howard: 5 movies?
FPJ: Yeah, 5 movies and then it's over
Howard: You're gonna fall in love with someone, Sam Kinison is right.
FPJ: Yeah, he's completely right
Howard: He knows so much. I wish he'd stop dying his hair.
FPJ: He lost a lot of weight, he looks great.
Sam Kinison: Just like Craig Gasses hair Hollywood marriages are just fake.
FPJ: Yeah, it's all B.S.
Howard: And will there be a pre-nuptual agreement?
FPJ: Oh wow, that's pretty deep
Robin: Yeah, this is a serious interview
Howard: You gotta sit down and talk about these things. Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE's got a lot of dough.
FPJ: She's got tons of dough
Robin: Who's got more?
Howard: I think Gell-ARE's got the dough
Freddie: I think she's got the Maybelline deal worth 30 billion dollars
Robin: And the TV money
Howard: You don't realize Maybelline's a big deal
FPJ: I think she's the highest paid spokesperson actually, period
Howard: For Maybelline
FPJ: For make-up period
Howard: What do you get like 15 mil for that?
FPJ: Uhhh...
Howard: More?
Robin: How long do they have her locked up for?
FPJ: a couple years
Howard: Until the divorce.
FPJ: Exactly
Howard: So she tells you how much she gets?
FPJ: Ofcourse, she knows how much I get
Robin: So whats your quote now?
Howard: Your at around 2 million a film, right?
FPJ: Yeah right around there.
Howard: Nice
FPJ: Sometimes less, sometimes more
Howard: And what about this movie, "Summer Catch", you get about 2mil on that one?
FPJ: Yeah. Not at first **note: I'm paraphrasing because I'm getting lazy**. They were holding out at first. I wasn't going to do it.
Howard: They were gonna give the role to someone else?
FPJ: Yeah, most actors are insecure. But when they told me I was like, oh well. And they were like...what? And they like flipped out.
Howard: So the key to getting a big pay day is not to care too much.
FPJ: Well, I don't care period. Actings cool and I love it a lot and it's a lot of fun but there's other stuff I dig too.
Robin: Like what? What else are you gonna do?
Howard: He doesn't have to work he has the Maybelline money.
FPJ: I got the Maybelline money
Robin: Oh, she's gonna support you
Howard: What are you into, wood working?
FPJ: I love carpentry
Howard: Carpentry?
FPJ: No, I love to cook
Howard: You love to cook?
FPJ: Yeah I'd open a restaurant or something.

Howard: You're gonna open a restaurant with Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE?
Freddie: Yeah, we've actually spoken about that before. It's called "Gell-ARE's"..that's the name of our restaurant.
Howard: Yeah, there you go. Buffy the vampire Slayer's a lot of money for her.
FPJ: Yeah, she does well there.
Howard: So at this point she's making more money then you.
FPJ: Ummm....sort of, if I make one movie a year we're just about even.
Howard: Oh really? So she's about 2 for Buffy and you're about 2 for a movie. So you're actually making more money.
FPJ: But I don't work that much.
Robin: You can do another movie a year.
FPJ: I don't like doing more then one movie a year.
Howard: Really?
Robin: Look at you, what are you doing with the rest of your time?
FPJ: I kick back
Howard: You kick back and do what?
FPJ: And cook
Howard: What are you cooking that's so good?
FPJ: I like veal so I make a lot of veal things
Howard: So how long does it take to make one of these movies? Two months?
FPJ: Scooby was 6 months, so that was a little too long ***writers note : boo-hoo I feel so sorry for him ****.
Robin: Yeah, he probably won't take another film like that.
FPJ: The rest of them are about 2 and a half, 3 months.
Howard: 2 1/2-3 the rest of the year you just cook, hang out, kick back, what do you surf and stuff?
FPJ: I'm Mr. Mom
Robin: You have no kids!
FPJ: I sit at home and I cook and clean
Howard: Really?
FPJ: I love doing that, it's fun for me. ***another writers note: yeah no kidding, sounds like fun for anyone ....sorry guys...can't keep my mouth's just ludicrous***
Howard: Let me understand something...
FPJ: Look how confused he looks
Robin: We're both confused!
FPJ: It's fun! ***writer's note: again I say...duh!***
Howard: Why don't you quit movies and get a job in a diner?
FPJ: I just may
Howard: You don't care that much about the films?
FPJ: No, it's cool. When I make a movie I'm 100% and I love it, but if somebody's gonna make my life difficult over making a movie I'm just like look, no hard feelings, go make your movie, this is what I want if I'm gonna do the film, and if you don't wanna do it right on, and sometimes we compromise, and do other things and if not it's fine.
Howard: Wow
Robin: And you never want to be a 20 million dollar guy?
FPJ: I don't care I make tons of money
Howard: You're all set up
FPJ: Yeah, I invested my money and I made tons there
Howard: What did you invest in? Like, stocks?
FPJ: Honestly my bigggest investment was comic books.
Howard: What do you mean?
Robin: All your moneys in comic books?
Howard: Wait a second I had tons of comic books. My mother threw them all out. So what do you do you go out scouting for them?
FPJ: I have somebody else go. The last time I went they kept jacking up the prices. I have a broker go for me.
Howard: What's the most money you've made in comic books?
FPJ: I have 2 #1 Superman, and they're pretty expensive.
Howard: Alright, how much does that cost?
FPJ: One's near mint and it's around $83,000 and the other ones about $120,000
Robin: Now where do you put these comic books?
FPJ: Like I'm gonna tell you
Howard: Lock them up in a safe!
FPJ: Yeah, they're all good
Howard: Now what did you pay for the #1 Superman comic?
FPJ: Can I say that? I got it for $101,000. That one now is worth $127,000.
Howard: So these are better then real stocks?
FPJ: Some of them, I have some that aren't worth anything.
Howard: You love Spiderman and you wanted that part?
FPJ: Oooohhhh my goooood
Howard: You wanted to be Spiderman?
FPJ: Yeah I wanted that. I learned how to read, reading Spiderman comic books.
Howard: Did you speak to Sam Raimy?
FPJ: I was the first person that spoke to him, it just didn't work out.
Howard: Did you have to audition?
FPJ: No, I didn't read. They didn't give me time I was actually making another movie. Everyone had let me know it was kinda my flick...everyone but the director. I think Tobey was his vision from the beginning. But Tobey's an awesome actor.
Howard: Yeah, Tobey's good
FPJ: That's not arguable. But I'm pissed I didn't get it.
Howard: But you will go see the movie?
FPJ: Absolutely
Robin: This would have taken up a lot of your time though.
Howard: Yeah, that might have taken more then 3 months. So, you haven't sat down with Sarah Michelle Gell-ARE and said you wanted a pre-nuptual agreement?
FPJ: We've spoken about a lot of stuff but I'm not gonna speak about it on the radio
Howard: Oh yes you are
FPJ: Ok, yes I am
Howard: Who's gonna guide you, you have no father, I'm your father
FPJ: That's true you are my father
Howard: I am Howard Stern Sr.
FPJ: Yes you are
Howard: and you are Freddie Prinze Jr.
FPJ: junior...yes
Howard: No seriously...
FPJ: We spoke about everything
Howard: So how are you gonna handle that?
FPJ: We're all good
Howard: So you have negotiated an agreement?
FPJ: We didn't have our agents call each other and negotiate we just...
Robin: Wait...her names not on his house mortgage
FPJ: And my names not on hers
Howard: You're gonna keep everything seperate, what you earn is what you earn and what she earns is what she earns.
FPJ: It's all together...
Howard: Will you share you're comic books with her?
FPJ: Yeah absolutely
Howard: You will!?
FPJ: Yeah. My ex-girlfriend, when we broke up, we were together 3 years so when we broke up I gave her a ton of cash so she would be cool.
Howard: Really?
Sam Kinison: You're girlfriend?
FPJ: I loved her. For 3 1/2 years she was a major part of my life.
Sam Kinison: Did you break up with her or did she break up with you?
FPJ: She kinda broke up with me, although she might disagree. But she broke up with me, she was kinda over the whole thing.
Robin: Are you guys gonna set up a joint account?
FPJ: No, we have our own accounts
Howard: Ever give a stripper a mercedes?
Anyway, will you raise the kids in a puerto rican household?
Robin: Puerto rican?? They never told him he was puerto rican.
FPJ: Yeah, it was a secret. No, my father was half puerto rican and half german.
Robin: He was raised by white people
FPJ: Yeah
Howard: You were raised by white admit that?
FPJ: I was raised by white folk
Howard: You're not embarassed to admit that?
FPJ: No, I don't care
Howard: So, you are gonna go ahead with this wedding, it's gonna happen soon...
FPJ: Yes, I'm sorry father, but I love her
Howard: Have you bought an outfit for the wedding?
Robin: Oufit?
Howard: Yeah, like a tuxedo
Robin: Or are you gonna do one of those things on the beach where you're both in bathing suits?
FPJ: GOD no. I'll look sharp.
Howard: You're gonna have a regular wedding, she's gonna be in a gown...
FPJ: It'll be a nice small wedding
Howard: Well, for your first marriage that's a nice thing to do
FPJ: Yeah, for the first one I think it'll be good
Robin: For the first one...
FPJ: For the second one we'll have bathing suits
Howard: Well, for the second one you make it less formal
FPJ: Right
Howard: This is fun for her, she gets to dress up
FPJ: Right right, I'm only doing it for her, exactly
Howard: So you'll have a wedding and then you'll have a honeymoon. Where will that be? Hawaii?
FPJ: I can't say that
Howard: Who cares? Who's gonna follow you?
FPJ: Believe me they follow us. When we went to hawaii last time they took pictures of us.
Howard: Took pictures of what?
FPJ: Of us
Howard: Just in your bathing suits?
FPJ: Just sitting around being cool, kickin back and digging each other
Howard: Oh the paparazzi
FPJ: Yeah, that's not fun
Howard: There's ways to get rid of those guys
Robin: You shoot em
FPJ: Yeah that's one way
Howard: So the new movie "Summer Catch" ***ok, now they talk a little about the movie and it's not terribly interesting...nothing you haven't heard before...except for some reason Freddie seems to believe it's more of a "guy flick"....I guess it's the baseball***

**I'm not sure if I can type up the next's VERY interesting...but it's a tad's about now we're back to Sarah***

Howard: I have 5 words for think about this...Billy Joel...ok?
FPJ: Alright
Robin: What a terrible thing to say!
Howard: He got rid of Christy Brinkly, the most beautiful girl on the planet. I got another 5 words for you, Tom Cruise. How many more 5 words do you want me to give you?
Sam Kinison: I've got another five words.
Howard: Go ahead
Sam Kinison: Deaf parents
Howard: Who cares about your deaf parents?
Robin: It's very tough for actors to stay together.
FPJ: I guess for some, yeah
Howard: Will she wear lingerie for you and wear sexy outfits?
FPJ: Sarah's awesome. Her whole mission in life is making me happy.
Robin: Yeah, but they don't have kids yet.
FPJ: I can't wait to have kids
Howard: Are you using birth control?
FPJ: We have birth control
Howard: Yeah, wait a while for kids for christs sake
FPJ: Yeah, we'll wait a while
Howard: Take your time, why are you rushing into kids?
FPJ: I'm not!
Howard: What are you wearing rubbers?
FPJ: No, I can't use rubbers
Howard: Diaphram?
Robin: Diaphram!!!??

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