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March 11th, 1999

OnlineHost: AOL's Entertainment Asylum is proud to welcome Freddie Prinze, Jr. to AOL Live. Freddie, who currently stars in "She's All That," can soon be seen in "Wing Commander." Thank you for joining us!
Question: How did you enjoy working with scream king Matt Lillard?
FreddiPrnz: Matthew is my friend. And when you work with somebody who you already have a relationship with and who you trust, you can't help but do great work with that person. As an actor Matthew brings so much to the table that he's an absolute delight to work with. I'd make a movie with him anyday.

Question: You are a really hot actor! Who was one person in your life that has most inspired you?
FreddiPrnz: Oh wow, the person who most inspires me today would probably be Evander Holyfield. I like the fact that he's very calm and spiritual and knows what he wants. He gives so much back to the community.

Question: What did you do for your birthday?
EAMC Host: Happy belated.
FreddiPrnz: For my birthday I went to Vegas with my girlfriend who just turned 21 on Friday. I played video games and she gambled a little bit and we just hung out.

OnlineHost: What is your favorite game?
FreddiPrnz: My favorite game right now is Star Crash, but I'm most looking forward to the new game coming out called Kingdom.

Question: We have heard you're a big fan of Sixpence None the Richer who did the single Kiss Me for She's All That. What are your comments on the band? They've been a favorite of mine since their 93 album.
FreddiPrnz: I just met them and, unfortunately, I hadn't heard their music until I heard that single. And now I got to sit down and talk to them and they were so cool. I hadn't met a band before so I had no idea what to expect, but they were so mellow and cool.

Question: What was it like working with Darren Stein in SPARKLER?
FreddiPrnz: Darren is one of the kindest men that I've ever known in my life and he made a little movie for like we had millions of dollars. He's visually so brilliant that you put all your trust in him once he puts you in front of the camera.

Question: What was your favorite roll you ever played, and why?

FreddiPrnz: My favorite role ever was Anthony Pascal from The House Of Yes. He was like a Norman Bates before his mom bought the motel years. You knew he was going to snap and something was just a little bit off.

OnlineHost: What was it like working with the WC director?

FreddiPrnz: Most of the directors I've worked with are first time directors. So I have experience with first time directors and I respect their passion and that they haven't been corroded by Hollywood yet.

OnlineHost: How did the role in She's All That come out?
FreddiPrnz: I read the script initially and they wanted to know if I'd be interested and I certainly was. I ready every new comedy script coming out and this was the first one that treated the teenage audience with respect and dignity and didn't speak down to them at all and I wanted to be a part of it.

OnlineHost: Did you and Rachel hang at the premiere?
FreddiPrnz: I didn't get to see Rachel after the premiere, but she came up and that girl gives so much support, she's so cool. I gave her and her boyfriend a big hug. They're just really cool people.

Question: How does it feel to know that who have influenced [changed] so many peoples lives, like mine?
FreddiPrnz: Wow, I didn't know that I had done that, but I hope that it was for the good. You know what I mean? I hope it was a good and positive influence because that's how I am. I'm more about positively and giving out love and just chilling. And I hope more people feel that way. If somebody's down and out and I make them feel good then I feel great about that.

Question: What do you like to do in your past time when you have free time?
FreddiPrnz: I play a lot of paint ball with my friends. Every weekend we go and shoot each other up. And I watch cartoon network and read a lot of comic books. And that's pretty much it. If you wear the right clothes, paint ball doesn't hurt. And the more you play the better you get.

Question: Freddie what was it like to work with Jennifer Love Hewitt in both "I Know What You Did Last Summer" movies?
FreddiPrnz: Jennifer is a very sweet girl. In the first one, we got to spend a lot more time together. I was still up and coming and young at that point. For the second one I was making Wing Commander so they rewrote it to shorten my role so I wouldn't have to be in the whole movie and so I didn't get to see her much. But she's just how you'd think she is, very nice loving and sweet.

Question: Were you popular in school like your character in She's All That?
FreddiPrnz: When I was in school I read a lot of comic books and pretend I was in them and kids would tease me and call me names. But now I do the same things and people say that I'm artistic and cool and I'm doing the exact same thing I did in high school. It wasn't a very artistic school.

Question: How do you enjoy being an actor?
FreddiPrnz: The one thing is my friends and I do a miniature masters tournament for miniature golf. We used to play on Friday nights and we can't do it anymore because it gets too crowded. So now we play on Wednesdays because people are in school or at work and we don't want to take up too much of people's time.

Question: I just want to know what your next project is?
FreddiPrnz: The next movie I'm going to do is in New York called Down To You by Miramax and it's a strange, surrealistic comedy. People will think that we're either geniuses for making this movie or that we're really weird.

OnlineHost: Are you a fan of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA?
FreddiPrnz: Battlestar Galactica was a little before my time, but I watched a little V, do you remember V? I watched Dr. Who and Land of the Lost, stuff like that.

OnlineHost: How does it feel to be cast as an action hero?

FreddiPrnz: That's a tricky thing, because I love action movies as much as the next person does, but at the same time I'm not always feeling the character. Sometimes you read a script and you want to have fun but the scripts have to be good. And I'm at the age where it's difficult to find a good action movie. I'm not Mel Gibson's Lethal Weapon; I'm not at that age yet.

Question: Who would win in a fight- you & Matt Lillard vs. the two guys from DAWSON CREEK?

FreddiPrnz: Matt Lillard and I will kick some serious butt! We have reached a new height in skills. We have the stamina to go the distance. They'd be good in the early rounds, but we'd take them in the 12th.

Question: What actress do you have a crush on?

FreddiPrnz: I have a crush on my girlfriend who is an actress and I have had it for about 3 years now.

OnlineHost: If you weren't acting what would you be doing?
FreddiPrnz: I'd be trying to pay my way through college and hoping that they'd just let me in and trying to figure out what to do with my life. This is the one thing I'm good at and communicating with people and acting, so hopefully it will all keep working out.

OnlineHost: Will you see the Wing Commander movie in theaters?
FreddiPrnz: I'll go see the trailer, but it could get crazy if people see you going to see your own movie.

OnlineHost: Do you have a favorite character from the original STAR WARS?
FreddiPrnz: My favorite character is probably Chukka 'cause he's like the only Hispanic dude in space. His name's Chi, right? He's like the only Latin dude up in space!

OnlineHost: WING COMMANDER opens this weekend. Thank you for joining us.

FreddiPrnz: Thank you very much! Peace!

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