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January 25, 2001

AOLiveMC15: Welcome to AOL Live, Freddie Prinze Jr.!

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Hello.

AOLiveMC15: Freddie, we're excited to have you with us tonight.

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Well, thank you very much.

AOLiveMC15: Your fans have sent in a number of questions to start with.

Freddie Prinze Jr.: I'm glad I can be here.

AOLiveMC15: And here is our first:

Question: I was wondering when you started acting and why?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: I started acting when I was close to 19 years old, and I basically started because it was time for me to be an adult and find out what I wanted to do with my life.

Question: What is it like to be so young and so famous? And what has it done to your friendships?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: As far as my friendships, I have the same friends that I did before any of the craziness happened. As far as how it affected my life, I'm pretty much the same guy... I mean, I really know who I am and what I want, and those things have never changed.

Question: Did you ever go to school for acting?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: I took and still continue to work with an acting coach. I took class for about two years before I began working privately with my coach.

Question: How do you decide what movie you will do next?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: It's actually very easy. If I read the script out loud and I am speaking all the character's parts, chances are I'll do your movie. If I'm quiet and I look like I'm contently reading, chances are I won't.

Question: Was "I Know What You Did Last Summer" your first movie role? How did that come about?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: No, my first role was a film called “The House of Yes” -- no, no, that's not true -- my first role was “To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday.” And then "I Know What You Did Last Summer," the way that part came about was I read for the casting director and the director, then I read with the director, the casting director and Love, and then the cast all read for a screen test. And I still didn't get the movie, so I asked if I could meet with the studio. They said no. They made me read again, because they said they needed a scene that made me look more heroic. So they picked the scene where they tell her I love her, which has nothing to do with heroism. I did that, still didn't get the movie. Then two weeks later, they asked to meet with me. I basically didn't want to make the movie anymore. I went in and said, "What's going on? Do you want me to make this movie or not, ‘cause if not, I'll go make another one." They began saying, "No, no no, no, no! We just wanted to meet you," and they acted like my best friends. Four hours after that conversation, I got the movie. I've never told anyone that story ever before.

Question: Will there be another movie in the "Last Summer" series?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: I heard rumors that there will be a third; however, there are no plans to make it with Love or myself, as far as I know.

Question: What's the new movie "Head Over Heels" all about? Was it fun to make?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: I had a blast making it. And it's basically a romantic comedy. However, it has a bit of a dark side to it, a side a little closer to Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window." Monica Potter's character, Amanda, falls for this guy named Jim Winston -- that's me. They decide to go on a date, but then her apartment is one story up and across the street from his, and she believes she sees him murder a woman. So, for the rest of the film, she is terrified of the man she is in love with. And it makes for the funniest movie I've ever met. Now, what I just told you guys, you are not supposed to know. But hopefully, it will make you a bit more excited, and you will enjoy the movie that I made for you.

AOLiveMC15: And it opens next weekend?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: February 2nd.

Question: I absolutely love you!! After “Head Over Heels,” when is your next movie coming out?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: It's called "Summer Catch." It comes out in August, and it's got some drama in it and some comedy, but basically it's a baseball movie, and it's a real good time.

Question: Was it a difficult step for you to go from costarring in movies to being a lead actor?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: No, because I never really looked at it as costarring or being a lead actor. I think of making movies as a team effort, and sometimes you are the quarterback and sometimes you are the receiver. Either way, you do your job and you make sure you are great.

AOLiveMC15: This question comes from AOL Kids Only:

Question: What is your favorite memory from middle school or junior high school?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: In the 6th grade, the Halloween contest, I was a can of Jolt cola, and my girlfriend, Laura, gave me my first kiss on the cheek. And then the next day I broke up with her because I got too scared.

Question: What is your favorite type of music? ~Ash

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Everything except country.

Question: What was one of your favorite movies you've made so far?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: It was an independent film called "The House of Yes," and last year a film called "Boys and Girls."

Question: How do you feel this movie will do compared to your others, and was it a challenge for you?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: It's in a bit of the same genre as some of my other films. And I don't really believe in that many comparisons, so I just feel it kind of stands on its own two feet.

Question: Have you checked out any of the many fan sites out on the Web?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Yeah, I've checked out one. It was a, and it was the unofficial Web site of Freddie Prinze Jr.

Question: What do you like to do in your spare time? ~*~ I LOVE YOU!!!

Freddie Prinze Jr.: First of all, thank you very much. And I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to play video games.

Question: Saw you on "The Tonight Show" last night... how was that? Was that your first time?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: No, I think that was third or fourth time, and I had a great time, I always do. Jay Leno was a dear friend of my father's and has always been very nice to me.

Question: Did you like working with Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Yeah, Love, as she liked to be called, is very, very sweet and has always been nothing but 100% completely nice to me, even when I wasn't exactly the nicest guy in the world.

Question: Do you want to direct too?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Not really. Unfortunately, I don't know very many happy directors, when they are directing. At least first-time directors.

Question: Do you have any desire to go into any other part of the entertainment industry, like Broadway or television?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Not really. I am very satisfied and constantly challenged by acting in films.

Question: How long did it take to film this movie? Was it longer or shorter than your previous films?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: It was very close to the same length. It was about 10 weeks, which is the normal length for one of my films.

Question: Who have been some of your biggest influences throughout your career?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: That's a tricky question. I have really just tried to stay focused on being the best actor I can possibly be. However, there have been many actors and family and friends who have all given me constant inspiration and wonderful advice.

Question: Do you consider yourself a role model for young people, and is that something you're comfortable with?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: I didn't used to, but I realize now it's a responsibility that comes with my job. I'm very proud of that and always try to reflect it in my behavior.

Question: What do you buy your special one for Valentine's Day?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: The tricky part about that question is that I don't really believe in Valentine's Day. I feel like a man should do things for his girl that they do on Valentine's Day all the time. Valentine's Day has become a cop-out for many men to be romantic once a year.

Question: Hey, Freddie, I read somewhere that you tap-dance... is that true?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Yes, it is. It is my second passion. I love making music with my feet. The person I dance with is Dule Hill. He plays Charlie Young on "The West Wing" and played my friend Preston in "She's All That." He's a dear friend who has shown me a new way to express myself.

Question: Which character in all your movies are you most like, and how?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Al Connelly from "Down to You." His extreme passion for women and food and love are all qualities -- and I do use the word qualities, even though he is a bit extreme -- are all qualities we share in common.

Question: Is it true that you have a role in the new Scooby-Doo movie? If not, would you like to have?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Yes, it is true. I'm playing Fred Jones, otherwise known as Freddy, and I am absolutely thrilled. That's why I have my hair dyed blonde.

AOLiveMC15: You've already said you had a blast making "Head Over Heels," but the second part of this question is a good one...

Question: I just wanted to say that you are a very talented actor. My question is, was it fun making the movie? Did anything embarrassing happen while filming?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: I had an absolutely wonderful time making the movie. I was carrying one of the girls to her trailer, because it rained the day before and flooded the entire camp where our trailers are. She made a bad joke, and I told her if she said it again, I'd dip her in the water. She dared me to, and that was her last mistake.

AOLiveMC15: We have time for one final question for Freddie tonight:

Question: You're still so young... how long do you see yourself acting, and do you think someday you'll delve into more serious roles?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: As far as my longevity, I'd like to act until I have kids. At that point, I would really like to settle down so I could be a good father. And yes, all actors love all kinds of different roles. And you don't have to worry, I'm sure I'll find one I like one of these days.

AOLiveMC15: Freddie Prinze Jr. -- thanks so much for stopping by AOL Live tonight and chatting with us! Any closing comments?

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Yes, thank you very much for having me. Please go see the movie. It opens February 2nd, and again, I make these films for you guys, and I hope you enjoy it. All my love, and bye-bye.

AOLiveMC15: And it sounds like a good one... thanks again!

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Great, thank you!

AOLiveMC15: And thanks to our audience for all their great questions. Good night!

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