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June 14, 2000

[There's only one person their screaming for what they call "The nicest guy in Hollywood," Freddie Prinze Jr.]

TP: Tony Potts
FPJ: Freddie Prinze Jr.
CF: Claire Forlani
JB: Jason Biggs

TP: ...Last night, there was a whole lot of love as Freddie Prinze Jr. stepped out with his new girlfriend Sarah Michelle Gellar, for his new movie. It is called "Boys and Girl."

(Girls screaming and yelling FPJ's name)

TP: Did they ever overwhelm you sometime?

FPJ: Yes, it's a little overwhelming...

TP: How do you deal with it? You seem very level headed, you know, calm kind of a guy...How do you deal with it?

FPJ: Uhhh.. I do, I do my best...[Cut to SMG & FPJ in the red carpet]

TP: These days, wherever Freddie Prinze Jr. goes, expect teendemonium. And last night was no different, Hollywoods newest Prinze Charming arrived arm-in-arm with his newest princess, Sarah Michelle Gellar with the premiere of his new film, "Boys and Girls."

TP: You want to say hi for everyone out there?

FPJ: [Waves his hand to the crowd]

TP: And while the cozy couple nuzzled for the papparazzi, Sarah was mum to the media, but Freddie's co-stars Jason Bigg's and Claire Forlani weren't.

TP: You were able to do one thing that thousands of American girls and women want to do...

CF: I'm very lucky. I got to kiss Freddie. Hahaha.

TP: Tell me about his appeal to you and how he is as a guy?

JB: He brings that charm and charisma to the screen that he has in everyday life.

TP: And charming he is as I found out in my exclusive in-depth chat with Freddie at the premiere, about his newest romantic-teen comedy.

[Short clip of Boy's and Girl's]

TP: Ummmm.. How about hitting anf trying to find the perfect date, oh, how well do you maintain a realationship were in this day of age?

FPJ: Well, first of all, you got to look at this guy over here[points to Evita Poster] This is Antonio Banderas. Antonio Banderas has no problems gettin girls cuz he's know as like, the "Latin Lover," and I'm known as like the "Latin Loser." So, Hahaha.

[Scenes of Freddie and Sarah]

TP: Is it tough being in public like that?

FPJ: No, I mean, me and Sarah, the reason why we work, we keep each other very very private. And the things we don't mind having public are public, and things we want private we keep private.

TP: And back here on the streets of Manhattan, I can tell you that "Boys and Girls" opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

(End of Interview)

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