"This [writing] is what I want to do. I'm going to stop acting in the next few years because it's just too weird. You have to constantly be willing to live in a scary, emotional place, which is why actors are in therapy all the time."
--Freddie (TV Guide, April 2003)

"I'm the most chill person I know...I'm happy with myself...I'm not perfect, but I'm cool with that."
--Freddie (Teen People, June/July 2001)

"I don't really date with a whole bunch of confidence. I'm just a very lucky guy. So I don't have a whole lot of words of advice. Just do your best to stay true to yourself and I hope everything works out."
--Freddie's advise on romance. (Seventeen Summer, 2000)

"I love food. My favorite thing to do in the world is eat. Absolutely."
--Freddie explains his love for food. (Cosmopolitan Summer, 2000)

"I like being romantic. Everything I do with my girl and with my other girlfriends, I try to be romantic. I like romance a lot, I like passion a lot. I like writing to them about how I feel about them and how they make me feel. And I want to let them know how special they are. And I'm not always good at verbally communicating that, so I really enjoy writing it down and then kind of being that way because it's as honest as I can possibly be."
--Freddie explains the most romantic thing he has ever done for someone. (Cosmopolitan Summer, 2000)

"He's the kindest person, and that shows on his face."
---says Jennifer Love Hewitt, 21, his costar in I Know What You Did Last Summer as well as its sequel.

"He's the kind of guy who sees you to your car and makes sure everything's all right. And he's the easiest person to make eye contact with. Girls really respond to the angel they see in him."
---says Selma Blair, 27, who played with Prinze in the romantic comedy Down to You.

"On the set, however, Prinze can be a devil. He was always making faces when I was trying to do a serious scene. He's there with his finger in his nose trying to make me laugh."
---says She's All That's Rachael Leigh Cook, 20.

"A girl wouldn't have to be into the same stuff as me for me to get on with her. I'm easily fascinated by things that I don't do, things that I can't do and things that no matter how hard I try I'll never be able to do! I really admire people who are so into something that they throw themselves into that thing. It shows they are capable of caring deeply."
--Freddie explains one of the qualities he looks for in a girl, whether it is as a girlfriend or just a friend. (Sugar August, 1999)

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