People Weekly
50 Most Beautiful People
May 1999
By Ian Spelling

Never mind what you see onscreen. When it came time to do the beach scene in the recent teen hit She's All That, Freddie Prinze, Jr. was not exactly, well, all that. Thank goodness for makeup. "This lady shaded me, and I looked up and yo! I had a chest!" he recalls. "They make it look like you have muscles. And it looked real!"

Offscreen, the 6'1" Prinze settles for less honed ("I never work out") but every bit as eye-catching. "I love the fact that he's tall and lengthy and not stocky or all buffed up," says his live-in love, actress Kimberly Mccullough (formerly Robin Scorpio on General Hospital). "He has the sexiest stomach."

But he's not wild about showing it off. On the set, Prinze (who says he's "not too skinny, not too fat -- you know, normal") insisted on wearing a robe between takes. "Freddie's very shy about having any attention drawn to him at all," says director Robert Iscove. "It's pretty refreshing."

The actor's daily routine begins with "a nice 30-minute shower," he says, followed by a dab or two of Sebastian's Twisted Taffy pomade to smooth his cowlicks, and a couple sprays of Secret deodorant. "I should use Gillette or something tougher," he says, "but I love the scent of baby powder. How weenie is that?"

Given his disdain for exercise ("boring") and low-cal diets, Prinze admits he may not be the heartbreaker at 50 that he is at 23. But he's not going to worry about it. "Hopefully people will say, 'Well, he's fat, but he's cool,'" he says. Definitely all that.

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