All About Men
Summer, 2000

"Freddie Prinze, Jr. tells us who he's in love with this summer."

Cosmo: So are you the typical Pisces, you can't make up your mind?

Freddie Prinze, Jr.: No, I'm very laid back. I'm just cooled out. Pretty much everything is cool with me. If somebody says, 'You want to eat Japanese food now?' I'm like, 'Yeah, sure.' And I really want to. Somebody says, 'You want steak?' I'm like, 'Oh that's cool.' I go with the flow and pretty much remain cool.

C: Do you like food?

FPJ: I love food. My favorite thing to do in the world is eat. Absolutely.

C: What foods do you like?

FPJ: Everything. If it doesn't eat me first, I'll eat it. Japanese food is my favorite, and steak. I love taking a woman to dinner, and I love watching her enjoy her food. And I love the way girls look in restaurants — lighting and candles, and the way women hold their silverware and the way they chew their food. It's just a very sexy thing to me, and I've always liked it. I love going out. Me and my girlfriend [Sarah Michelle Gellar] go out all the time. I love it.

C: Do you get dressed up?

FPJ: No. I'll put on a nice sweater and slacks. Or if we go somewhere else I'll wear a T-shirt and jeans. It depends. It's more about her than it is me. I'm looking at her probably a lot more. I stare way too much. I can't help it.

C: What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone?

FPJ: I like being romantic, but I don't know if there's a most romantic thing. Everything I do with my girl and with my other girlfriends, I try to be romantic. I like romance a lot, I like passion a lot. I like writing to them about how I feel about them and how they make me feel. And I want to let them know how special they are. And I'm not always good at verbally communicating that, so I really enjoy writing it down and then kind of being that way because it's as honest as I can possibly be.

C: What's the worst thing a girl can do on a date with you?

FPJ: The worst thing...not enjoy the restaurant. Not like what we got. Cuz I try to go to places that I know are really good. And if we don't like the same food, then that can be a serious problem. I went on a date with a girl and I took her to get sushi. She wasn't gonna eat it. That was the last date. Cuz that's my favorite food.

C: What would a girl have to do to get your attention?

FPJ: They'd just have to be special. There's some women that just shine when you look at 'em and make your eyes kinda well up, and you get so filled with so many different thoughts and emotions you don't know what to do. You don't know if you're gonna cry or you're gonna laugh or vomit.

C: What's the craziest thing you ever did to get a girl's attention?

FPJ: When I was a little kid, we played boys chase girls and girls chase boys, and I was really, really fast, so it was easy for me to catch 'em. The girls were really slow. And all the guys, for some reason — cuz they're idiots in the third grade — they ran away as fast as they could to show who's the quickest. And I would just like walk. I'd say, 'Where are you going, you idiots?' And I would get, like, 50 kisses, cuz all the other guys were on the other side of the field. So it wasn't like the craziest thing, but I thought they were crazy, cuz I was like, 'What are you doing? Okay, you're really fast, and I just kissed your girl.'

C: What happens when you're attracted to a friend? Have you ever had a friend, then one day you look at her and realize...

FPJ: Absolutely. It's scary, cuz you don't want to disrespect her, you don't want her to feel like you're violating a trust that you have. So you either have to stifle those feelings, or you have to be brutally honest and hope she doesn't feel offended by it. And it's a really scary thing.

C: Do you think good relationships come out of that?

FPJ: I mean the way things are going right now for me, I think it definitely helps to have a wonderful friendship before.

C: What do you think about settling down?

FPJ: I'm pretty much the domesticated male.

C: Do you want children?

FPJ: Absolutely, of course. I would love to have babies. I definitely want to have children before I'm 30. Absolutely. I want to be able to be young and play with my kids and be able to relate to them. I feel if I'm older than that, I would kind of lose something. I want to be alive as long as I can for my kids and for their kids.

C: You have a good heart, you aren't self destructive. You're just a novelty in this business.

FPJ: No, no, I just know what I want. I know what I like. So I have an easier time than some other people who might have grown up differently. I just have a different outlook. I like to do things for me, for myself. I like being happy, so I'm not going to do things that aren't gonna make me happy. Bottom line. I'm living out my dream. I have the greatest family, and the greatest friends, and the best girlfriend, and the coolest job, and a great house with two dogs. That is the dream. And I am idealistic. I strongly believe that if you follow your heart you can accomplish what you want, and not to quit on those dreams, because it's hard as hell, of course it is. But when you make it, it's like, so worth it.


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