Cooking for love?
August, 2000

Does Freddie Prinze Jr. have a foolproof recipe for romance? Super-romantic guys will do anything to win a girl's heart. In most cases of crushdom, they may fly them to Paris or decorate their entire bedroom with daffodils. But there are other, more subtle ways of saying "I love you" that boys use. One of these true love tricks is cooking up a really romantic dinner for two. So when we found out that Freddie Prinze Jr. has a gift for good cooking, we had to ask! Does he use his kitchen creations to romance a girl?

First of all, this 24-year-old, who stars in Boys and Girls, isn't embarassed to admit he's talented when it comes to magic in the kitchen--but he's not about to take all the credit. "I am a great cook," the thesp, who hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico, tells BOP. "I was raised by my mother and grandmother. So, instead of learning how to kick a football, I learned to beat eggs."

Thanks to the fab femmes in Freddie's life, this cutie is always experimenting with food. Instead of eating out all the time, he loves to stay home and whip up his most delectible dishes, like sushi, lasagna, and gyros. "Italian, Japanese, and Greek are the three main things that I cook," he sahres, Yum!

So, you would think that any girl who knew about Freddie's talent would flip and fall madly in love, right? (That is, if they weren't already wowed by his big, brown eyes and sensational smile.) But there's just one problem. Freddie says that in the health-concious capital of the world, Los Angeles, California, he doesn't come across many girls who appreciate his culinary creations. "Girls eat, like, string beans and sprouts," he sighs with a smirk. "Nobody eats steak," Therefore, he says, his cooking isn't scoring points in the love category. "It just isn't a plus. In Oklahoma, I would be the man," he snickers. (Obviously, it takes a good, healthy appetite to win his honey's heart!) It's sad that some girls don't appreciate god grub, Freddie, but you're wrong about the Oklahoma thing. Here, or on the moon, you are totally the man!

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