Freddie Finds His Destiny
October, 2000

Hollywood's Prinze Charming remembers
the moment that cahnged his life

All people dream of things they'll do when they grow up. Maybe you imagine yourself as a pop star, a painter, or a pet doctor--who knows? For some, following your dream is as easy as enjoying a day at the beach--they can just feel what makes their heart race. But for others, the search for that haart-pounding path may take more time. For Freddie Prinze Jr., his passion for acting didn't stick to its head out of the sand until after he'd been working on the big screen for a while. "Even when I started getting jobs, I wasn't sure that acting was something I loved," admits the 24-year-old star of last eyar's She's All That, this year's Boys and Girls and next year's Summer Catch--due in early 2001. But Freddie says that once he was drenched by a wave of love for acting, there was no turning back.

So, what was it that convinced the New Mexico native to be an actor? Was it a dream he had or a special performance he was inspired by? It was neither. Actually, Freddie says it was nothing more than a feeling of being motivated by his fellow thespians during a rough day on the set of his second big project, 1997's The House Of Yes.

"I just froze up"

"I was playing this character that was going to snap and something was a bit off," the brown-eyed babe recalls. "So in one scene, I just froze up." When the director asked if anything was wrong, Freddie says he collected himself by thinking what his co-stars (Tori Spelling and Parker Posey) would do in that situation. Instantly, he snapped out of it. Then when the director asked, "Do you want to do it again?" he replied, "Yeah, please, please," and went ahead with the scene. It was at that moment, Freddie remembers, "I just suddenly fell in love with acting." Knowing that he could improve his craft by learning from his fellow actors was totally exciting to Freddie. Actually it's something the fab actor lives for! "The way I work, I try to be like a sponge. I try to soak up everything that the other actors are doing," he explains. "That passion kind of infected me. I've really loved acting ever since then."

Just like that! In a instant, Freddie's whole life had changed! Because he was able to watch and learn from people around him, Freddie found his calling and is now bathing on a beach of stunning success as a reward! So, whether you think you want to be a doctor, a farmer, or a fashion designer--go, Boppers! Follow your dreams, and hopefully like Freddie, you'll be rewarded with sunny skies!

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