Big Hit
July 2001
Press Conference (May 4, 2001)
Scooby Doo Watch 2001 (Issue 28)

Fresh from their engagement party and Buffy's 100th episode in Los Angeles, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr welcome Santi and Carolyn from Big Hit to the set of Scooby Doo on the Gold Coast. Here's what happened….
It's 10.30 on Friday, May 4 2001, as Big Hitters Santi and Carolyn arrive on the Gold Coast set of Scooby Doo at Warner Bros Movie World. One word: YEY!!! First stop is the editing suite to see samples of Scooby Doo that are introduced by Charles "Chuck" Roven. We are treated to scenes of Sarah (as Daphne) and Freddie (as Fred) joined by Matthew Lillard (Shaggy) and Linda Cardellini (Velma "the smart one, that's me") and ex-Home and Away babe Isla Fisher as Mary Jane. From this footage it's easy to tell that all the sets look awesome and that Matt is spot-on as Shaggy - his voice is so good! Scooby himself well be animated and will be dropped in to the movie later. As this is the case, we see the cast acting opposite a man with a bright green face pretending to be Scooby so the actors know where to look. We also get a glimpse os Rowan Atkinson as Mondavarious (who Fred calls Mr Monucleosis!), ex-Neighbours dude Kristen Schmid (as Brad the Goth) and Pamela Anderson!
We are then taken to a set on a sound stage by executive producer Richard Suckle, where a giant feast scene (there's a lot of food on the table that will eventually attack the Scoobies) will take place and also to where Matthew Lillard is filming. Dressed in his Shaggy lime-green to and corduroy brown pants, very tall Matthew is drinking coffee, waiting for his scene in the cave. There's also two more "Shaggys", who are his stand-ins, wandering around the set. We leave the sound stage and walk past Velma… erm, that's actually Linda who is totally Velma! While waiting for the Scooby gang to get together for our chat, we sit in a tent next to the costume area and where all the extras eat. There's plenty going on - including body-builders getting their costumes fitted and make-up done. Meanwhile, over at the food area, Sarah Michelle Gellar's stand-in reads a book in her Daphne costume. We hop over to Movie World where Isla Fisher rushes up to our Santi to say hi before the main press conference.
After chatting with good ol' Isles, we then head back to one of the spooky sets that has been transformed in to a press conference complete with chairs for each of the cast to sit in… with their names on them! It is announced to address SMG as "Sarah". With that out of the was, the Scoobies huddle outside the room all dressed in character and are joined by Charles Roven, director Raja Gosnell and Richard Supple. Sarah is sipping coffee and giggling with Freddie (who hates having his hair re-dyed for three hours every Sunday). The gang walk into the press conference, just inches from where our Carolyn is sitting. (she reports that SMG is even skinner than you would imagine, Freddie is very thin too, Matty has hair extensions for his role and a;; the cast love Linda cos she's just so darn friendly). Zoinks! Let the fun begin…

Sarah: (excitedly looking up on the stage where the chairs are lined up) Wait! We're in those high chairs?!
Freddie: Look at everyone quietly sitting there.
Matthew: (loudly) Yeeeeah!

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